Time Management is a Real Thing


Time management isn’t just some mystical concept that only your teachers and parents say is the key to success, and thus, loses all credibility. It really is a valuable skill that we will all need to learn before we go off to college and thus the “real world.” Learning time management is actually quite simple to conceptualize but takes some practice to incorporate into a daily routine. Part of time management is organization. Putting all of your homework assignments and important events into a planner, calendar, or even the stickies on your computer, help organize your life in one location, making everything a bit less overwhelming. With this organized list of the things that you know have to get done, you can plan your afternoon in 30-60 intervals. For example, my schedule for today looked something like this:

7:30 Wake up

8:30 Actually remove myself from my bed and get dressed

8:45 Eat some breakfast and spend time with fam

9:15 Work on the time management section of senior project

10:15 BREAK TIME ie phone time + snack

10:30 Work on editing website layout

11:00 BREAK TIME ie internet time

11:15 Edit and finish the time management section of senior project

11:45 Get some food

12:45 Go on a run and workout

1:45 Cry in the shower cause running is awful

2:00 Eat a snack

2:15 Lay out on the couch and contemplate life

2:45 Get lil bro from school

3:30 Check with editor/peers about helpfulness of section

4:30 BREAK TIME ie read angsty poetry

4:45 Research for tomorrow’s section of senior project

5:45 BREAK TIME ie music break

6:00 Take photos/document what I did for today (for senior project)

6:30 Celebrate all I got done for the day!!!

6:45 Reward myself with Netflix and bread

7:30-12 Literally anything

Although your schedule will most likely be different from mine, the basic concept will remain the same. As you are given more and more responsibilities it will become important to manage your time wisely. This scheduling of my day helps me stay on track with the things that I know have to get done, and the things that will inevitably happen. I always schedule the things that I know have to get done, like writing for my senior project, earlier in my schedule so I feel like I have accomplished something which boosts my mood for the rest of the day. I also always make sure that I incorporate 10-15min breaks between each task in order to give my mind a break and prepare myself for my next activity. These breaks are so important, especially for busy people, so they can continue to have a healthy lifestyle. Time management is an important skill we all need to work on and improve, and with a little practice, our procrastinating ad disorganization may stop controlling our lives.


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